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Julie discovers the job of scriptwriter on film sets. Very quickly, she asks Patrick Aubert, an experienced scriptwriter, to give her the tools to get started.

She adores helping directors to achieve their art combining the realities of the field. "I like entering the world of a director and sharing his overall vision of his project. So I can do my script work at 200%."

She works on projects (CM-LM-PUB) in Belgium and Montreal.


Script facilitator

Cinema course with young people between 12 and 18 years old | Supported by the Wallonia Brussels Federation

Organized by Jérôme De Paepe at the Maison des jeunes de Braine l'Alleud | Summer 2020

Feature film
Medium length

KinoBRXL | Punktivity | Manon Espalard  |2018

Web série

NITROfilms | L'Arène | Jean-François Leblanc  |2017| Télé Québec

Version10 | Vieux Jeu |Quentin Fabiani |2017| TV5 Canada

St Laurent Tv| Col bleu | Mara Joly| 2017| TV5 Canada


MorrisonFilms| Loto Québec | 2017|


Kifff | Collectif Kino BRXL |Bande annonce 2019|  2019

Kino Montréal| Quentin Fabiani |Bande annonce 2018|  2018

La Guérilla, Rockezeline | Aquaslash | Renaud Gauthier | 2017

eMerge entreprises |Appiness |Eli Batalion| 2017

Films émois |Cadavre Exquis |Viola Von Scarpatteti| 2017

Short film

Indépendant |Du plomb dans la tête |Charles-Antoine Cloutier | 2018

Les enfants | Trois pages  |Roger Gariépy | 2017

Aléas Film | Corruptor |Pierre Kakos | 2017

Aléas Film| Simon | Nicolas Bacon| 2017

MTL Dead End| Suie de sang | Mara Joly et Charles Massicotte| 2017

La Boucane | The end of Agawa river | Quentin Fabiani| 2017

Indépendant | Novembre | Vanessa Leduc Prévost | 2017

Kino'00 | Brocoli |Mathieu McCollough Bouchard|  2015​

Indépendant | Fairy | Patrick Linotte| 2014

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